Who Am I & What Is My Approach

Get To Know Me Shulamit Lazarus

I am a passionate Personal Transformation Specialist with over thirty years of experience helping people have richer and more joyous lives. I bring my many years of experience as a Holistic Nurse, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Creative Artist and expert in Whole Life Coaching to address all aspects of your life: success, money, career, relationships, consciousness and spirituality.

You are unique, so I’m not going to offer you a cookie-cutter plan to get you to your goals. Instead, I offer you my many years of experience and expertise with tested and powerfully effective approaches such as Master Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) “Tapping,” Imagery, Psychosynthesis, Parts Work, Energy Field Balancing and more. And since I am also a seasoned intuitive I’m able to help you get to the root of your issues and clear them with a speed that you might never have thought possible. For More Detailed Info About Me Click Here.