Tap your issues away.


From career issues to abundance blocks
From toxic relationship loops. 
From phobias to fear of public speaking 
From chronic to physical pain 
From procrastination to addictive behaviors
…and everything in between


Emotional Freedom Techniques is quickly becoming known by coaches and healers as one of the most effective healing and self-mastery tools. EFT clears a vast range of issues even ones conventional and alternative methods struggle with. often with stunning speed.

I love to get people where they want to go as fast as possible, but speed isn’t enough. It also has to be gentle. EFT, offers you both.

Emotional Freedom Techniques was derived from a process called Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT was developed by Roger Callahan, a cognitive psychologist who discovered that by having a client tap on his acupuncture points while he held a troubling issue in mind would neutralize the intensity of the issue. TFT was a complex process that involved memorizing many different tapping sequences. Gary Craig, an engineer, personal development coach and student of Callahan created EFT, which honors the premise of TFT and made it user friendly, expanding the range of issues that it addresses.

Ancient healers have known for centuries that all living organisms have energy fields. The human energy field was scientifically confirmed in the 1900s.  The medical system is finally acknowledging that fact as it incorporates energy healing and acupuncture into treatment plans for patients. As a homeopath and energetic healer I know that all physical pain results from a disturbed energy field.  EFT is based on the discovery that all painful emotions come from a disturbed energy field.

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Clearing issues with EFT involves tapping on certain acupuncture points while at the same time holding the issue that bothers you in mind. If you’re a skeptic, you’re probably saying to yourself it sounds too easy to be true. I don’t blame you. Years ago I’d have said the same thing. EFT is so simple that kids have been taught to do the tapping sequence, and so effective in the hands of seasoned practitioners, that EFT has been successful in clearing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from Viet Nam vets after 20 years of conventional methods had failed. 

If you’ve ever gone to a conventional therapist, you know that you had a session and then you could expect to “process” the work in-between sessions. It could take anywhere from hours to weeks or months, depending on how open you were to the information. Then, after that time you spent processing, you’d have hopefully experienced a cognitive shift, and that shift would hopefully have showed up in changed responses to your issue. EFT is not about “coming to terms with,” “shifting” or “learning about issues.”  EFT clears issues so that they can’t grab you anymore. 

A major downside to conventional therapy is that the process itself often involves dwelling on your issues by spending a lot of time talking about them. This can be re traumatizing because it makes you almost relive the details of events as you’re talking about them. With EFT cognitive shifts often come minutes after clearing an issue, without the analysis and re-traumatizing effects that conventional methods can have. 

If you’ve tried to clear your issues with conventional or alternative methods such as therapy or affirmations and failed, you may feel that you have to live with them. But, it’s not true. They don’t have to govern you. Conventional therapy can make you smarter about your issues and affirmations can make you feel better about your issues — but you still have the issue. Nothing has really changed. You just have other ways to cope with it. As you’re reading this you may be thinking, “My folks were loving people. So, I must be pretty screwed up to feel this pain in me when I wasn’t abused or neglected like other people have been.” As children we are open, vulnerable beings who are “sponges” to even the slightest offense to our dignity. We take it in and if it comes from an authority figure, we believe it. With EFT we’ll clear the self-limiting beliefs that lead you to self-doubt and low self-esteem. 

If you’ve struggled to quiet your inner critic you know how relentless it can be. 

One of the most common ways that a fierce inner critic shows up is in procrastination. With EFT we’ll help you convert your inner critic into your inner champion. 

I’ve had many clients who’ve used EFT on themselves and were confused about why things weren’t getting better for them. Actually the tapping process in EFT is the least important part of the process. It’s how and what you tune into while you are tapping that creates responses that can seem miraculous. Using EFT we can neutralize painful memories so they don’t hold you anymore. We’ll heal the pain of your losses so that you can move on easily with a healthy perspective on your past. We’ll heal any feelings of grief, guilt and shame. With EFT we can get you to a place of authentic compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others more quickly than you ever thought possible.

You may even feel that EFT can help others but have doubts that it can help you. Believe it or not, with EFT we can even use it to clear your doubt.
Our conscious mind thinks it’s in the driver’s seat, but all drivers have a blind spot. You need someone who can see where you can’t.