Here You Will Find Some Of The Many Diverse Challenges I have Assisted Clients With & Their Outcomes In Their Own Words


(Fear of doing cold calling)
“I’d have to do cold calls to get leads for my business and when I got a person who sounded impatient I wouldn’t call anyone for the rest of the day. It ruined the rest of my day.” You helped me uncover the root of what was affecting me and clear it. I’ve been doing cold calling really easily since our session and when I get someone who seems annoyed I don’t take it personally. I just move on. I also noticed I have a lot more energy at the end of my day and I’ve been getting much more interest in my projects from people. Now I look forward to calling prospective clients. I never felt that way before. Our work made such a difference!” Thank you!
Clarissa, Print advertising sales, New York
(Long-standing love pain)
When we started our session there was a wall inside me I never let anyone get past. When I was younger my girlfriend cheated on me and I never let anyone in that far again. I’ve been carrying that wall in me for thirty years. At the end of our session the pain of the incident was gone and so is the wall. It makes me want to get closer to my wife.
C. Smith, Engineer, New Jersey
(Inability to assert boundaries)
I’m a different person now. Before when people treated me badly I was like a mouse. Now I’m outspoken. My self-confidence is higher and I don’t settle for crumbs in my relationships anymore. I feel like I’m a different person but I’m actually finally feeling like me. Thank you so much for your work. It’s great!
Jennifer V. Cosmetician, New Jersey
(Long-standing perfectionism)
I’m always under the pressure to deliver. It doesn’t matter what I did the day before. I landed a huge account and immediately I was on myself to have to do it again. I needed to be looked at as the best.  It wasn’t about how well I was doing, it was about how well I was doing compared to others. If I wasn’t better than they were all the time, then I wasn’t good enough.” After our session, I’m actually being more productive but it’s not from feeling pressured. It feels great to get off my back and feel I’m lovable just the way I am. I’m enjoying feeling proud of myself and the feeling is lasting.”
Jeffrey, business executive, New York
(Lack of sexual desire)
I’m in my sixties and I had a very strong sex drive as a young man. But all of sudden it seemed to be gone. I tried supplements, herbal aphrodisiacs and even testosterone-like products. They did zilch.”
Then Shulamit helped me discover a belief that I never knew I had that when you get older your sex drive goes down. Who knew that a belief I didn’t know I had could govern my body! After my clearing that belief, I experience an intensity of my desire, buildup and orgasm that’s beyond compare to my twenties. Everything is double. It’s big. It’s great. I’m a Tyrannosaurus!”
“Bernard” playwright, Wisconsin
(Chronic feelings of sadness)
I’ve had depression for years. I’ve been on medications, but eventually they stop working. Even while I was on them I never felt completely OK. Before our sessions I would get these gloomy feelings and go into crying for hours and nothing would get me out of it. I used to be scared to be home alone out of fear one of my depressive episodes would hit. Now I’m happy to be home and I feel so peaceful in a way I never did before. I hope that people who have depression will read this and call you so that they don’t have to suffer anymore. You’re really gifted at what you do.
Lisa P. Entrepreneur, New York
(self-esteem and depression)
You do clear issues with stunning speed. It’s amazing. I spent so much time working on my issues and I see now I never cleared them. My issues are clearing so fast with the work I’m doing with you it’s almost hard to believe.
T. Green, web designer, NY
(mood swings)
When you’re out to the extremes it’s hard to get a perspective on your emotions. I’ve worked on my issues for years with creeping success. Just the short while we’ve worked together it’s like night and day. I’m seeing what’s really possible for me for the first time in my life. It’s really exciting!
S. Henderson, Connecticut
(long-standing self-sabotaging behaviors about money and business)
Dear Shulamit,
It’s truly amazing to even consider erasing “stuff” from years past in 2 hours but we did…..I feel lighter and healthier and my self-limiting belief about money is gone! I was plagued with that for years and no matter what I did I couldn’t clear it. By the end of our session, I was laughing that I had actually believed that. You are very gifted.
J. P. real estate entrepreneur, Texas
(anxiety and procrastination)
Dear Shulamit,
The other day an incident happened that normally would have made me feel upset and scared. Instead, I felt calm and could flow with it. I felt adult and grounded. And I’m not procrastinating anymore! Wow, Shulamit, after just one session on that issue with you. I’m still pretty amazed.
Sylvia P. architect and interior decorator, NJ
(perfectionism and anxiety)
Hi Shulamit,
I’m stunned by the quietness of my thoughts since our session. Normally I can’t sit still for two minutes because my mind is so agitated but now I find myself relishing the few minutes I have during the early morning of pure peace and quiet. I’ve noticed issues we worked on that were such problems for so many years don’t matter as much anymore. Anyway, I’m still in the “wow” moment. But I will get with you this week.
C.A. web sales manager, CA
(chronic anger)
My whole life I’ve been angry. It felt so stressful at work that I’d get lightheaded. I realize now I did it to myself. I’d let things there get to me but I couldn’t help it. I’d get so aggravated! Normally I’d be halfway to anger just getting in the car going to work. I was in so much a better place this week. I really felt the difference. Things didn’t change at work. They were happening as usual, but I just didn’t get triggered. I could feel some of what might have gone into anger begin, and then it just fizzled. It’s like my anger had no energy anymore to keep itself going. Wow, this is amazing work!
C. Chang (laboratory technician, New Jersey)
(chronic procrastination)
I came to you because my procrastination was so bad it was destroying my life. My life was all beginnings and no follow through. I started a business that was just sitting there. My house was a mess. Then you helped me see and clear the core of it. OMG, I got so much done the day after our session. I had so much energy and I got my business moving like I always wanted to and I cleaned my house and I just wanted you to know how important our session was. I feel like there is nothing holding me back now! I can’t wait till our next session!
Erica, nutritionist, New Jersey
(depression, poor self-esteem and self-criticism)
Before our sessions, I didn’t speak up in groups. Afraid people would think what I said was stupid. Three days later after our session, I realized I wasn’t judging myself anymore. I used to feel I was boring but I don’t anymore. I’m more verbal and expressive. I’ve been speaking up at meetings easily and I don’t think about what others are thinking about me. I just express my thoughts. I really feel lighter. It’s weird. Does that happen to other people you work with?
Lori, teacher, Connecticut
(chronic pain due to a long-standing injury)
Hi Shulamit,
I never realized that our bodies hold our issues the way you always said until we had the session for my shoulder pain. I injured it so long ago doing what I love that I think I just wanted to ignore it. I was waking at night with it and it was present every day. I could barely raise my arm at the beginning of our session. But once you helped me to discover and clear the belief my shoulder was showing me I had that “ life is serious and you can’t have fun without paying a price,” then the pain was gone. My shoulder feels so much better but even more important, I feel so much freer in my life to enjoy the plenty of it now that we cleared that message!
Marie, corporate staff developer, New York
(long-standing binge eating)
Our session was revelatory. Your ability to find the core of an issue is amazing. I would never have imagined that my emotional eating was from an event I could barely remember as a toddler!
In our session, we cleared my feeling displaced by my brothers birth and I haven’t binged even once since our session. I do still have a desire for sweets but I stop at one cookie. I used to eat the whole bag till my stomach hurt.
Thank you so much for your work!
Sue (nurse, New Jersey) 
(Social phobia and procrastination)
Dear Shulamit,
I’m on the sports team in school so I don’t show the weight but when we first started our sessions I was binging almost twice daily to the point of pain in my stomach. My dad would make me feel bad about myself and I’d eat out of anger and disappointment. It made me avoid being social because I felt I didn’t measure up. I used to procrastinate because I was afraid to fail because then I’d see myself as a failure. When we first started our sessions I felt insignificant. After our sessions, I’m not affected by what my dad says now because I know I have so many beneficial qualities. I’m not binging anymore. I don’t feel the need to procrastinate anymore because even if I don’t do well in something it won’t matter. It doesn’t define me. Now I know that I’m unique and I know that I’m a blend of qualities no one else has.  Thank you Shulamit you have no idea what you’ve done for me.
Garo, high school student, New Jersey
(poor body image)
Hi Shulamit
We’ve done just a few sessions and you helped me clean out big, long-standing issues that were limiting me in big ways. You knew exactly what the real issue was when for years it seemed like something else. You rock! I’ve been in a state of joy all day! I feel like I can take on the world! I’ll call you next week to set up our next session. Hugs!
Kathy , web designer, California
( severe episode of chronic bronchitis)
By the time I saw Shulamit,  I had been hacking and wheezing for two weeks in a bad bout of chronic bronchitis. I would always end up on antibiotics and I didn’t want to go that route anymore. By the end of the session with her I could breathe seventy-five percent better and the congestion in my chest was nearly gone. That was amazing to me.  I healed quickly after that session with Shulamit and the next year I didn’t have bronchitis at all! I believe in energy healing now and I strongly recommend energy work by Shulamit.
Joel  L. Screenwriter, New York
( Energetic Healing for post-operative pain and healing after cosmetic surgery)
I asked Shulamit to do healing sessions for me to help me heal faster after my cosmetic surgery. The surgery was extensive. My face was bandaged and swollen and I was in a lot of pain. Shulamit did an energy healing session on me every day for a week. When my doctor saw me at our followup appointment he remarked that I was healing amazingly fast. There’s’ no doubt to me that it was Shulamit‘s work that helped me heal faster and have less pain.
Laura, Reflexologist, New York
( Energetic Healing healed longstanding pain and stiffness in the fingers and upper extremities)
Mary is a guitarist who came to me for help with constant pain in her arms and pain and stiffness when she moved her fingers. She had been experiencing the pain for two years and when I first met her she had braces on each hand. She had been going to physical therapy for a few months and been faithfully doing her exercises but wasn’t getting better.  
The first energy healing session I did for her I worked on balancing her whole energy field. By the end of our first energy healing session, she was able to move her fingers with less pain. With each session we did after that I focused on her upper body, arms and fingers. By the end of each session,, she was able to move her fingers more easily and quickly. After several sessions, she was able to get back her guitar and do what she loved the most. It’s been a year since I saw Mary. I recently bumped into her and found out that the work we did has held and she’s still wailing away on her guitar
( acute cancer pain and weakness from chemotherapy)
Sweet Shulamit,
At the beginning of our session, I could barely walk up the stairs to your office. I was in such pain from my cancer but the minute you put your hands on me the pain went away. After our healing session, I saw my face in the mirror and my face was rosier and I had some sparkle in my eyes again. I was able to walk much more easily down the steps. I felt stronger. I slept so well the night of our session. It’s the first good night I’ve had in a long time. You don’t know how gifted you are. 
Anda, chemotherapy patient, New Jersey