Energy balancing improves health.

Using Energy field balancing (aka energetic healing) allows me to directly and immediately improve your health on all levels.

Before Reiki became popular, Therapeutic Touch (TT) and Healing Touch (HT) were being done by a select group of nurses with their patients. Studies showed that using TT on a patient increased the oxygen uptake of their blood cells, stimulated their immune system, increased the speed of healing and left then feeling with a heightened sense of well being.

You’ve seen paintings of religious figures that have halos over their heads and light coming from their fingers. Those are artists representations of a phenomenon that ancient traditions have known for thousands of years. It took centuries, but science finally caught up and confirmed that ALL living things have an energy field.

People feel more accepting of the idea that we have a human energy field since the west was exposed to acupuncture and yoga. Words and concepts like “chi”, “meridians” and “chancres” aren’t as strange to people. When I first started to do energy work I was taught to “scan” my patients body with my hands. It was very similar to what it feels like when you slowly pull your hands away from the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. I also felt tingling sensations in my finger tips as if something was moving. It scared me back then and made me think maybe there was something wrong with my circulation. Now I know that what I was picking up was due to the magnetic quality of the human energy field and that my fingers were feeling the change in cellular frequencies in my patients body as I balanced it.

When I was introduced to energy work nobody taught me the scientific understanding of the human energy field. As a nurse I understood the anatomy and physiology of our bodies and how it helped me to understand my patients problems and allowed me to help them better. I feel the same about understanding our energy system also. I wanted to understand why my hands felt what they did when I was giving a treatment. When I looked more deeply into the facts about the human energy field, all the sensations that I felt then and the emotional relationship to the physical issues we develop, all made logical sense. What I learned led me to become an Energy Psychologist as a natural outgrowth of my Energy Healing work.

If you’re like me, you want to know how things work. I wrote this page for you.

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As a nurse, I empowered my clients by educating them about their health, as an Energetic Healer and Energy Psychologist, I can teach you about your energy body and help you clear the emotional issues that may be the basis of your physical symptoms.
As a healer I have tremendous respect for the healing arts but I’m also a scientist. All the healing methods I offer you are grounded in science and have proven themselves.

I hope that after you’ve read what I’ve written, the view of who and what your are, how things effect your health and well being and what your can do to reclaim them will be clearer.

Our bodies are mostly water. The chemicals in our cells use this water as a conductor and generate electrical impulses that can be detected on the surface of our skin. That’s the reason that when your have an electrocardiogram the technicians can put the electrodes on your legs and still pick up the frequency of your heart. It’s due to your electrical makeup that you can get zapped by someone with static electricity.

All electric fields have a magnetic field associated to them. That explained why I felt a magnetic pull on my hands when I ran my hands over someones body.

In the early 1900s Sax ton Burr, a researcher and professor of anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine, did a study which involved measuring the electrical potential of skin and other human and animal tissues.

Burr discovered that ALL living things have an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and permeates them. This energy field serves both as a matrix and a mold that preserves the “shape” or arrangement of any material poured into it, regardless of how often the material may be changed. This is the same process that pulls iron filings around a magnet in the same pattern regardless of how many times the filings are changed. The only way your can change the shape the filings take, would be to change the shape of the magnet. .If you’ve ever made gelatin, you know that the shape of the gelatin is completely determined by the shape of the mold.  This explains why you look basically the same all the time even though every seven years all the cells in your body are new ones!

Burr theorized, but couldn’t actually prove, that the human energy field was a result of the workings of our chemistry, and our thoughts and our feelings. Burr discovered when the human energy field exhibited abnormal voltage patterns it would be followed almost immediately by physical and psychological disturbances. Burr also noticed that physical injury and emotional trauma could derange the body’s electromagnetic field. If you listen to the words people say, you realize that as a society we have an innate understanding of that. We talk about ” negative emotions.” But, what we’re really saying is that we have negatively charged emotions. Saxton found that to be true in his research.

From what Burr learned he realized that bringing an abnormally charged energy field into balance could prevent the person from having clinical symptoms. Burr’s research confirmed what energy healers have always known –balancing our energy field is the most direct way to improve our health and well-being.

In Burr’s time he only had very simple instruments to verify the existence of a human bio-electric field. He couldn’t scientifically confirm the magnetic fields around each of our cells but he knew that all electrical fields had a magnetic component to them. Until recently, since the magnetic fields of our cells are so tiny and we had no instrument to measure them, scientists ignored them and assumed they weren’t important. But thanks to the invention of the “Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device” (SQUID), a machine that measures magnetic fields, the body’s magnetic fields can be measured. In the 1960s researchers began to use the SQUID and brought more detail to what Burr found. These scientists confirmed that all organs and tissues produce specific bio-magnetic fields. That has lead the medical field to using tests such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Energy field healers have talked about the human energy field and demonstrated their ability to alter it, but until recently there wasn’t any scientific evidence that could explain how that was possible. In the 1980s a series of studies were conducted using the SQUID device to study Therapeutic Touch, the first energetic healing modality brought into the nursing profession. Therapeutic Touch is used to balance a patients energetic field using the nurse’s hands as the treatment vehicle. The SQUID device showed evidence of a huge pulsating bio-magnetic field emanating from the hands of Therapeutic Touch practitioners. The measurements showed that the frequency of the pulsations was not steady, but oscillated back and forth through a range of healing frequencies.

We have the confirmation that we all have an energy field that surrounds us and every cell of our body. But  what actually creates emotional and physical symptoms?

The research of British physicist Herbert  Fröhlich gave us more details about what creates disease. Fröhlich noted that the cells of our body put out electrical frequencies that dictate division and repair of the cell. He found that masses of cells, like our organs, put out a collective frequency. Fröhlich discovered that cellular frequencies are stable until there was injury to the cells from microbial assault physical injury, or psychological trauma. When that happens the cells in the area that are affected begin to put out a disturbed frequency. In essence the disturbed cells put out a “sick” frequency. If only a small area of the body is disrupted, the neighboring cells help the disrupted cells to get back into the healthy frequency.  But when there are cells that are too far away from the helper cells’ influence, the injured cells can’t get reset. Those disturbed cells continue to put out the sick frequency. When an area of your body gets assaulted repeatedly there are more and more cells that can’t be reached. If enough cells become “sick”, the sick frequency becomes the new controlling frequency and negatively effects cell division and repair.The cumulative effect of increasing numbers of sick cells leads to symptoms of physical and emotional illness.

The ability of your cells to help reset each other is the reason you can heal after being sick. But if you experience the same assaults over and over again eventually you’ll have changes in your body that will be found in medical tests. What shows up as physically concrete was once just a momentary loss of communication from cell to cell in your body. There are scientist who believe that cancer is nothing more than a loss of communication between our cells. Once we can prove that to be true we will see that energy field balancing is essential.

Burr discovered that we have an energy field. Frolic discovered that each cell emits a frequency that regulates healing but what determines the healthy cells frequency? If you’ve heard the word ” yoga” then you may have heard the word ” Chacra associated with it. Chacra is another word for ” vortex”. I like to call them “frequency generators” since that’s’ what they actually do. You may have also heard them called bio-energetic centers.or just ” centers” for short.

Ancient systems of healing knew that the human energy field is a result of the workings of several major and many subordinate bio-energetic centers. A bio-energetic center or frequency generator can be thought of as being an oscillator or vibrational center which vibrates at an innate frequency. These major centers, are in essence, the main frequency controllers of the cells of our bodies.

The workings of the frequency generators in the body are similar to a smoothly run company. Each of the centers are like the dept heads that have been given orders. Their job is to transmit the order to the next dept head under their command. That dept head has to transmit the order down the line of command to the subordinate workers of his department. In that way everyone in that company gets the same order to execute.

Our energy field runs under similar principles. The job of each of these large centers is to dictate a frequency to a set of  organs each is in charge of.  Each organ  has its own center with the task of receiving the dictated frequency ( the order) and transmitting that frequency down to the cells of that organ and its related nervous and circulatory system. This assures that all the tissues in the area are vibrating at the dictated frequency. Each joint also has its own vibrational center,. There are thousands of minute centers that are used in acupuncture. There are even smaller centers that are called “nadirs,” that make up the system of energetic channels addressed in Yoga.

In fact since each cell is a recipient of the dictated frequency and also has to have the energy to emit it, you are literally a mass of frequency generators. The activity of all these centers operate below the threshold of our consciousness,

Since each of our cells frequencies dictates the frequencies in its surrounding area, we need to make sure that all our cells are vibrating at their healthiest frequencies if we want good health on all levels

Even though you don’t hear mainstream medical professionals recommend energy field balancing, the medical field actually acknowledges the healing properties of electrical frequencies.  It recommends stimulation by fixed energy frequencies to stimulate healing of fractures and muscles in physical therapy. The machines, generate a fixed frequency. They’re effective but they’re limited to a narrow range of frequencies.

Healing our whole body requires a vast range of frequenciesResearch shows that the hands of energetic healing practitioners emit a vast range of frequencies. Not only do those frequencies stimulate the growth of bones, but also any other tissue of the body needing repair. Energetic healers are able to convert sick frequencies to healthy ones.

We’re constantly being bombarded by drug advertising on TV. We’re continually being told there is a perfect pill for us for anything that is bothering us. I find these advertisements insulting but I have to credit one that told the truth — an advertisement that said “depression hurts.” Depression does hurt, not only emotionally, but physically. The reason for that is because feeling depressed doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s usually due to feeling bad about ourselves and feeling defeated. Depression usually also has a component of anger that’s suppressed. Unprocessed negative feelings disturb the frequencies of our cells leading to blocks in our energy field. Blocks in our energy field can show up as physical pain.

It’s great that the medical field is admitting that emotional pain can cause physical pain. What’s sad is that instead if listening to their own scientists who proved that to be true long ago, they look for a quick fix in a pill. What they should be doing is telling people to clear the blockages in their energy fields.

The medical field always lags behind scientific discoveries. The alternative healing field has been talking about the danger of stress for decades. At last conventional medicine is finally talking about stress as a cause of illness and even death. But still it mostly throws pills at things. It acknowledges the placebo effect and how positive beliefs about a medication or surgical procedure can effect the outcomes . They know that beliefs are such powerful influences on our experiences, that they use the placebo response as a factor in drug studies. Now conventional medicine is even talking about how our negative expectations can cause us to experience negative effects from a medication or procedure. They call it the ” Nocebo effect”.  The medical field is probably a long way off from studying how our  thoughts and emotions effect our organs but as a society we already innately know it .  You can hear it in what people say. People use terms like as “brokenhearted,” “full of gall,” “venting your spleen,” “you’re a pain in my neck,” “get off my back,” “you make me sick” and countless others.

Burr theorized that the human energy field resulted from the workings of our chemistry, thoughts and feelings him it looked like we had one field. Ancient traditions have taught that our human energy field is actually made up of separate fields — the mental energetic field results from the workings of our thoughts, an emotional energetic field that results from the workings of our emotions and a spiritual energetic field that results from the workings of our higher aspirations. Each of these energetic fields have their own vibrational centers. Just as the physical energetic field vibrates at a collective frequency, each of the other fields and their centers vibrate at their own collective frequencies. And, just as the physical energetic field surrounds and permeates the physical body, the mental, emotional and spiritual fields and their centers interpenetrate and surround the physical form.

Scientists are now finding that it’s more accurate to say each person is a series of fields within fields. Its incredibly exciting to me when science confirms what healers have known for eons.

In a healthy person the energy field flows easily and evenly, but where there’s “dis-ease” energetic healers can perceive the changes in the energy field of the body. Balancing the frequencies of the body decreases the likelihood that emotional and physical illness will develop. The evidence of the work I and other energy healers do appears to prove what Burr thought was true — normalizing the frequencies of the energy field when it’s altered can prevent illness on all levels.

Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Reiki and Esoteric Healing are all energy field balancing methods that I use. Each of them have there own unique function and work in different ways to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energetic fields.

Recently, a cellular biologist named Bruce Lipton added a missing piece to our understanding of what creates illness. He discovered that the nucleus of the cell is not it’s brain and that genetics doesn’t control anything. What he discovered is ground breaking and when it will be integrated into conventional medicine the face of medicine will change in way it has never experienced.

Lipton discovered that there is a vibratory receptor on each cell that picks up the vibrations of thought and feelings. The cell membrane responds by making things happen inside the cell that trigger our genes to turn on or off. Depending on what gets switched on or off is what effects our genes. The field that Lipton has pioneered is called ” genetics”. Put simply what he discovered is that our beliefs effect our genetics. positive beliefs can make genes that have the potential to create illness express in heath and negative beliefs can make genes that were programmed for health, express in disease.

This is a HUGE discovery! It puts the potential of optimal health in everyone reach no matter what their biological background is!It doesn’t matter what illnesses or conditions ran in your family. YOU CAN BE HEALTHY NO MATTER WHAT.

Regardless of how chemicals move in our body, our feelings will always get to our cells faster!

Lipton’s discovery convinced him that we need to clear the past traumas and the self limiting beliefs we have if we want to prevent disease.Our traumas and self constricting beliefs are held in our energy field. To clear them Lipton felt that we have to have a way of getting to the our subconscious mind with an energetic eraser. Of all the methods that Lipton knew of he feels that Emotional Freedom Techniques is the best. 

Energy work balances our energy field but it doesn’t isolate and clear the traumas and self-limiting beliefs that we have in us. If we don’t clear them they can continue to unbalance our field. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  allows me to pinpoint and clear traumas and negative beliefs.

I can confirm from the thousands of EFT sessions that I’ve done for my clients and the clearing that EFT has done for my life, that Lipton is right.

Studies on the effects of energy healing on AIDS, cancer, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and illness showed improved immune function, less physical pain, less relapses, and improved emotional well-being.

One study was done using energetic healing for “phantom limb pain,”. which is pain that people who have amputations have experienced. Energetic healing reduced the pain. But, what was even more stunning was that the patients “felt” the energy interventions on their phantom limbs, even though the area being treated had no nerves. If that doesn’t’ confirm a human energy field I don’t know what does!

Studies on plants, animals and isolated cells have also shown significant responses to their energetic field being balanced. There have also been studies that tested mock energetic healing, against official energy balancing and the results showed that placebo treatments were not as effective.

There are skeptics who attribute the healing effect of energy healing work on ” caring presence.” But, I’ve been called in to treat patients both in coma and on life support and seen the parameters on their machines improve as I worked on them.

My energetic healing treatments will stimulate your immune system and can decrease any existing physical pain you may have. It will help you withstand the onslaught of environmental pollutants and decrease the wear and tear on you that daily stresses can create. But, if  you’re living with past traumas inside you, losses or griefs of any kind, self limiting beliefs or any other kinds of issues you feel stuck in. such as, career, intimacy, success, or others, they will create blocks in your energy field. Blocks in your field can create physical pain and support illness.

I don’t’ want my work with you to be a band-aid. I want you to have a joyful sense of wellness at the most intimate level of your being.  That’s why I offer you other methods that will compliment and enhance the energy healing work I’ll do for you. PsychosynthesisInteractive Guided Imagery, Emotional Freedom TechniquesHomeopathyEnergetic Healing, each have their own unique function and dovetail perfectly together.

There’s no more perfect moment to begin making your health and life what you want it to be. Your life is precious.