Matrix Reimprinting

Have the future you really want by creating the past you always wish you had.

Each method I use excels in what its focus is. EFT is stunningly effective at clearing the charge from memories and neutralizing pain but there are times we need more – we want a different resolution to the experience. 

What I’ve noticed in EFT sessions is that as we clear the charge from memories, the memory seems to change itself. It’s as if we are built with an innate mechanism to change the resolution of the memory into one that satisfies us.

We talk a lot about the flight or flight stress response in our society but both are actually resolutions of some kind to a situation of feeling powerless and endangered in some way. They may not be the best resolution but they are at least something.

When animals feel threatened by a predator about to attack them they have the ability to go into a freeze responseAfter the danger of the threat is over they have a mechanism inside that wakes them up,  they shake themselves off and go on their way no worse for the experience. We have the same mechanisms of fight, flight or freeze. But we don’t shake a threat off and move on as if nothing happened.

And even though so much attention is put on fight or flight, freeze is what we do most.  We just don’t hear much about it. But, in our daily life we know it well. How many times have we wished we could have told someone off or maybe felt humiliated and couldn’t run or fight. After the incident we run the scenario over and over in us and wished we could have done something to stand up for ourselves in that situation. And that’s as adults! Now imagine how much worse it is for a child or a life situation where we couldn’t run or fight, for example a car accident or sudden financial reversal or loss of a loved one, just to name a few. If a child is in trauma or in a state that doesn’t allow fight or flight because they feel powerless of just plain small compared to the adults around or that they see as authority figures, the child or self that experiences that event goes into the “freeze” response.When we have experiences that are not processed healthfully, the self that has that experience splits off and keeps running the experience in an attempt to hold it away from the conscious mind so we can function day to day. At the moment of these experiences, which to adults can seem so trivial, the self that has the experience makes certain conclusions about themselves, others and life. These become core beliefs that go on to govern us long after the event is over. Beliefs not only govern our minds and lives they can express themselves as conditions in our body. The beliefs that come out of experiences become prisms through which we see and create our life. The view is always a bit distorted but it becomes our lens. Self limiting core beliefs not only affect us emotionally, they affect our finances, creativity, the quality of relationships that we make and so much more. Matrix Reimprinting work is based on scientific understandings.

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Science has confirmed that everything is energy.

Energy expresses itself as different kinds of fields. There is no place called the subconscious mind that you can point to or dissect. What we call the subconscious mind is actually an energy field which holds information we call our memories. EFT addresses the blockages in the meridian system and it works with the bio field. Matrix Reimprinting works with informational fields. These fields have been called “morphogenetic fields” or “morphic fields.” “Morph” means shape and “genetic” means to create. Rupert Sheldrake is a renowned scientist who has been exploring morphic fields and their influence on our biology and behavior. He noted the discovery that when a crystal was first formed in the lab it took the most time and with each time that crystal formed it took less and less time. Sheldrake realized that there must be something that’s making things happen faster. The crystal was accessing some form of field that held information that was informing and shaping its behavior and structure — making itself form itself faster and faster. Think about each generation and how it seems to be born understanding how to use technology more and more easily. Each generation is downloading and being effected by the experiences of the one before them.They didn’t ask for it. They just get the results of it. Think about familial beliefs that are held from generation to generation. What if those beliefs are about scarcity and lack or other self limiting beleifs?

You may have noticed that when you do a behavior once, the second time you do it the process from start to finish is easier. We call it learning. At a certain point we don’t need to even think about what we’re doing. The behavior runs itself almost automatically. Sometimes that’s good – like driving a car, but what about behaviors that we don’t’ want to have running us.

Matrix Reimprinting is based on scientific principles and partners with that innate mechanism in us.

Quantum physics’ confirms the understanding of the fact that any reality that we experience is only one possible outcome of many potential realities. With Matrix Reimprinting we can choose what we want the outcome to any event to be. Since the imagination takes in the imagined as if it’s real, we introduce another reality. The negative core beliefs naturally dissolve in the new reality. From that new reality we have new core beliefs that are empowering and from which we live from. We use the understanding of to reimprint the new experience as new information into the brain to create new neural networks and imprint the new experience into the cells of the body to re code the DNA and the cell receptors. This part of the process is based on the cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton’s discovery that beliefs govern the workings of genes and that the cell membrane is  the brain of the cell and it’s receptors read the field for information that the self believes which in turn is transmitted to the cells which then shut off and turn on our genes in response. Matrix Reimprinting gives new empowering beliefs to the cells to stimulate the immune system and by giving positive messages to our cells. We then send the new scene to the heart and from the heart we send it out into the universal field where the new information is imprinted making it more powerful than the old field that we created when we were younger. The work with the heart is based on the scientific research of the Heart Math institute that has evidence that the heart gets the information from the environment  and then tells the brain which then tells the body what to do. This is directly the opposite that we were taught that the brain tells the heart what to do. This is essential to know since it turns out our hearts have immune modulators that effect our immune system and sends pulses of cellular information to each cell of our body, coded with the the beliefs we hold.

When we do Matrix Reimprinting we are literally creating new realities.

We end up feeling empowered. Our self esteem is naturally enhanced and we create a new- point of attraction from which to create what we want in our lives. Matrix Reimprinting is done for emotional issues, law of attraction issues, future visioning as well as physical issues that are chronic in nature. Matrix Reimprinting is done for emotional issues, law of attraction issues, future visioning as well as physical issues that are chronic in nature.

What we have been told is that our past forms and governs us. With EFT we neutralize events so that they don’t effects us and with Matrix Reimprinting we create new realities that hold the empowering and creative resolutions we wished we could have had. As a result we create a future from a past we always wanted.