Homeopathy heals with energetic doses.


Many people have a misunderstanding of what homeopathy is. Even people who call me for homeopathic treatment are sometimes confused about what it really is.

They say things like ” Isn’t that when you use herbs?” or ” That’s when you use natural things like vitamins, to heal stuff..”  My answer is ” Yes and No”. In homeopathy we use organic and non organic substances. But most importantly it’s not what you use as a remedy, but what principles you use in making your remedy choice that makes it the substance homeopathic.

Homeopathy has it’s roots in ancient Egypt and was used for many centuries in the form that was called ” Sympathetic medicine” In the 1800s it was refined by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann who was frustrated with the poor results he was getting form conventional medical methods at that time. Hahnemann discovered through his research that when he had a patient that was suffering from a group of symptoms, the substance that would create those symptoms if given to a healthy person would cure them in his patient.

The word Homeopathy comes from two words: “homios,” meaning similar, and “pathos,” meaning suffering. Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like” — the substance that creates symptoms in a healthy person will cure similar symptoms in a sick one.

He spoke of Homeopathy as healing by the the Law of similars.

Hahnamann created a treatment approach that addressed the energetic body of his patients and homeopathic remedies were only a part of the approach.

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Hahnemann believed that clearing beliefs that were self destructive was important. He also acknowledged at times direct energy field balancing was needed as a complement to remedies. He believed d we all need to eat foods that are vital and believed in the healing powers of being around loving people.He wrote all this up in the bible of Homeopathy called the Organon.

Classical Homeopathy comes from a vitalistic tradition of treating illness, which believes that every living thing contains a vital force ( aka chi, prana, energy).

Your vital force is the energy that excites your emotions, colors your cheeks and puts sparkle in your eyes. Ancient healers have known about the human energetic makeup for centuries. In 1930s scientists confirmed that it was true. They discovered that every living thing contains an energetic field that surrounds and permeates it, and acts as a “scaffolding” for all the tissues of the body. In essence, we all have an “energetic body.”

Homeopathy sees your vitality as an expression of your wellness and the power of your vital force as the key.

Your vital force can also be depleted through any ongoing stress, slow loss of bodily fluids (e.g. heavy menstrual periods or gastrointestinal problems) or the slow poisoning of your body by industrial pollutants and the chemicals that are in our foods.

Physicists have determined that the cells of our body vibrate at certain frequencies that dictate repair and division. Illness and injury disrupt these frequencies, and if the area of disruption is large enough, these cells now vibrating at “sick” frequencies have the potential of converting once healthy neighboring cells into dysfunctional ones. This is how illness manifests and pathology spreads. This can show up as emotional or physical symptoms.

When your vital force is imbalanced it manifests as emotional and/or physical symptoms unique to your susceptibility. That’s why you may tend to get colds while someone else tends to get urinary infections and while someone else tends to not get as much physical symptoms as become depressed more easily.

In the beginning, these symptoms may not be clinically verifiable. You may even be told your symptoms are “in your head,” Even though you may feel insulted by that it’s a good sign that it hasn’t become concretely physical yet. If you don’t address it though, overtime it can manifest clinically and eventually turn into chronic conditions.The idea of addressing symptoms from an energetic perspective is to prevent the imbalance in your vital force to become concretized and if already concertized to heal them.

Homeopathy treats the energetic cause of illness and has found that using the energetic form of a substance will stimulate the healing of a condition much faster than using the material form of that substance.

Treating illness using Homeopathy’s Law of Similars is so effective that the “success” of Ritalin, a commonly used medication to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD), is not as much due to its chemical action as it is that the medication is crudely homeopathic. Ritalin is derived from amphetamine, which is also known as “speed” because it makes the mind and body race, which results in difficulty concentrating, nervous irritability, lack of appetite and poor sleep — common symptoms experienced in children with these disorders.

But not all children experience ADD and ADDHD the same way. Some children become destructive, others constantly joke around and others just “space-out.” Each child’s condition expresses itself in its own unique way. But conventional medicine treats all people with a certain condition with the same basic medication. Because of  this broad-brush method of medicating, a common problem Ritalin users complain of is a feeling of emotional flatness -– a feeling like being a “zombie.” This is because Ritalin is not an exact match to the unique expression of the child’s symptoms. This same issue is found by antidepressant users.

Everyone is unique and expresses conditions ranging from Arthritis to depression in their own unique way. Some people want to be alone when their not feeling well and others want company. Just that simple difference would mean that the remedy for each would be different. There have been attempts to prove the effectiveness of Homeopathy by giving everyone in a study the same remedy for a given condition. Because the research wasn’t done using homeopathic principles the research was flawed. Since individualization of the remedy to the specifics of the person’s problem is key to homeopathy, only when that is done will any real research be able to be done.. Each person with a particular condition will benefit form different remedies because we are all unique..

It’s the matching of the homeopathic prescription to the unique manifestation of your symptoms that will make using homeopathic remedies work for you..

There are two kinds of illness, acute and chronic. Acute illness is self limited and ends in self healing or death. Chronic illness is progressive and only gets worse over time. Conventional medicine hopes to stop the progression of conditions but sadly it fails most of the time. Typically, people get sicker, and if they are put on medications, they may have problems with their side effects. Sometimes they are put on medications for the side effects. The fact is that conventional medications don’t heal anything. At best they kill the germs that may be getting in the way of your healing process. But, its your body’s innate healing mechanisms that do the healing.

Your body has a brilliant inner intelligence that knows exactly what to do to heal once the blocks to it are gone. Homeopathy can help to remove the blocks to your body and mind’s innate healing ability.

Conventional medications can only palliate, by masking or suppressing your symptoms. Homeopathy’s goal is not to palliate, but to heal. Unlike conventional medicine, which “treats” the symptom, Homeopathy treats the cause. Without treating the cause, healing is impossible. The cause is the imbalance of your vital force, which then leads to the symptoms creating the “dis-ease.”

Treating only your symptoms might make you feel better for a while, but it will never heal you. Healing comes from the old English word “hale,” which means, whole. This is what healing is about: reclaiming your wholeness — your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Homeopathy’s success comes from its ability to stimulate your vital force and in the process you regain optimal health on all levels.

We have quantum physics to thank for the understanding of the electromagnetic sphere of action of Homeopathy. What homeopaths through the centuries have known intuitively and got evidence for empirically, scientists have discovered to be true — every molecule of substance has its own molecular energetic pattern or imprint, that pattern can be transferred to water.

Homeopathic medicines, also known as remedies, are made from plant, mineral or animal substances. To remove the potential for toxic side effects, the substance is put through a series of dilutions in water until there is at most an infinitesimal amount of the substance left. To counter the weakening effects of diluting a substance, the substance is shaken with great force, which serves to imprint the substance’s energetic pattern onto each water molecule. Most often the substance is diluted to the point where there’s no longer any of the original substance left in the water. Each shaking of the diluted substance increases the strength or “potency” of the remedy. The degree of potency is important to homeopaths and is in the dose that they suggest for you.

Recently a Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, confirmed what Homeopathy has empirically known — that water has the ability to hold a resonance, which allows something that is barely materially there to be so wonderfully effective.

Most people don’t know the history of Homeopathy and the importance it has in the healing professions of the world.

Homeopathy cured cholera in the 1800s when conventional medicine was throwing its hands up in defeat. Homeopathy was also the first successful treatment of insanity at a time when the only conventional treatment was the asylum. In fact, Homeopathy has been the preferred health care system of the English monarchy for centuries, and Mahatma Gandhi traveled the world searching for the gentlest, most inexpensive and effective healing system, and chose Homeopathy for the people of India, where conventional doctors commonly refer their difficult cases to homeopaths.

To find out what substances would be good at healing particular physical and emotional symptoms and states of mind Hahnemann would take tiny amounts of substances. He called the process “doing a proving”. Hahnemann also got a lot of information about substances through the records of accidental poisonings. For example Arsenic causes nausea and vomiting and when used homeopathically in energized doses it’s one of the most commonly used flue remedies.

Hahnemann felt that it was extremely important that as many provings be done as possible. He spent his life conducting provings and other provings have been carried on since. it’s thanks to the process of provings that we have all the knowledge about homeopathic remedies that we do today. To date we have more than four thousand remedies and we add more all the time. As apposed to conventional medicine that gets rid of medicines because of side effects, Homeopathy hold that all the affects of a substance are effects and none of them are called side effects. Homeopaths want to know all the effects that a substance can have on someone because it lets us know what symptoms the substance could heal.

In Hahnemann’s time Homeopathy grew to be a very respected form of healing and was integrated into the medical system and used in Hospitals in the United States. Its highly respected to this day all over the world for its’ gentleness and effectiveness in resolving all sorts of issues from the physical to the emtional.It’s still in use today even by conventional medicine although they don’t acknowledge it. Every time someone pops a dose of nitroglycerin in their mouth for chest pain, they are using a homeopathic remedy.

Since homeopathic remedies work on the vital force, unlike conventional medications, which only work on the physical chemistry of the body, homeopathic remedies can be used in combination with conventional medications until the time comes when the person is healthy enough to stop using the conventional medicines.

Homeopathy isn’t only used to treat disease, it’s, also used to prevent it. In fact, the premise of vaccination — using a small amount of an illness to prevent a larger amount of that illness from taking hold — is also crudely homeopathic.

The problem with conventional vaccinations, is that they can have serious toxic side effects that can lead to ADD, ADDHD and autism, Illnesses have been prevented by the use of homeopathic vaccinations. Homeopathic vaccination are remedies made form the illness similarly to the way a conventional vaccine would be. The big difference is that homeopathic vaccines can never be toxic. Because of Homeopathy’s safety and effectiveness, the United States Department of Defense is currently studying the use of homeopathically prepared forms of germs to protect soldiers in the event of a biological warfare attack. In Europe, homeopathic “vaccination” has been used very successfully to prevent contracting the flu.

The best defense against illness is a strong constitution. Your constitution is what makes you catch a cold when another person exposed to the same germs stays healthy. Constitutional prescribing is geared at strengthening your constitution so that you will be less likely to get sick.

Illness and trauma and loss create changes in our vital force (energy field) that result in unique states of  our mind and body. That’s why individualization of the remedy to your state is the only way you will get the optimal response from homeopathic remedies that you can. But, there are some common states caused by injury to the body, such as accidents or surgery, that we all respond to in a similar way.  Because of that we can prepare in advance of a surgery and in essence we’re pre-empting the problem. It’s somewhat like the idea of a vaccination. preparing your body and being for meeting a particular kind of stressor. In this way, homeopaths can prepare people for surgery and speed up postoperative healing with specific homeopathic remedies.

I am awed by what homeopathy can do and feel blessed to be able to offer it to my clients. I also know that there are times that despite the best chosen remedy my clients may need some additional help in healing their issue.

I believe that a well chosen remedy is only part of the process to reclaiming optimal health.

You are so much more than the label of any condition.
You are possibility in human form.
The greatest of your possibilities are still within you.
I want to help you have them.

                                             You weren’t meant to accept a lesser quality of life.