Your images hold the key to your freedom.


I hear people say ” I’m not good at imagery I cant’ see anything.” What they’re really saying is they can’t visualize. Imagery isn’t visualization,  Our mind speaks to us in images. If you have every freaked yourself out by worrying, your a fantastic imager!!!  Before you ever understood words you created images, and you haven’t stopped imaging since. 

Your problems and the power to resolve them are inside you. You’re getting information about that tall the time. Images can show up as abstract symbols almost like dreams do.. It can be just a feeling that you can’t define in words, It can be a fragments of a thought or a fleeting picture. It can seem like gibberish which makes it easy to dismiss. It can be hard to understand what your mind is trying to tell you.  Or, if  you do understand what the image is telling you not  know what your next step should be. 

Try This. Close your eyes and allow an image to form for an issue you’re feeling challenged by. It could be your weight, or a health condition, or just an overall feeling of being stuck. Don’t change the image that comes. just allow it and notice if each one of the images is what you want for your life. If it’s an image of what you’re struggling with, the answer is of course “no”. And that’s easy to see. But did you know that in the same image that you have of the issue your struggling is also the key that will get you to where you want to go. With Interactive Guided Imagery we help you find the hidden keys.

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Interactive Guided Imagery is one of the most powerful techniques to explore issues and parts of ourselves. I’m not talking about guided imagery or guided visualization.They have there limitations because they are being given to you. Images that arise from you are alive and intimate to you. When you allow an image to form about about an issue it gives you a mirror of EXACTLY where you are with that issue at that moment. Your images are filled with your truths. Your images hold the thoughts, beliefs, values, attitudes and feelings that you have about something. But at the core of all your images is an image that holds your perception of who you are – your self-image. And whether you want to or not you will always be governed by your self image, Our subconscious mind is a goal striving machine. It’s job is to prove our beliefs right even when they are wrong. You may want something consciously but if your subconscious belief is that you shouldn’t or can’t have it for any reason, you’re not likely to get it. That part of you that’s blocking you is not trying to hurt you. Its actually following your self iamges messages like a servant. If you have a part of you that you wish would just disappear. A part that you hate or ignore because you just don’t know what to do about it. I can tell you that no matter what it’s doing, as hard as it is to believe every part of you is always working for what it believes to be your good. It holds a gift for you. With IGI we can help that part of you reveal it’s gift for you.

It may seem strange to hear that even your organs have information for you but they do. Each part of you is talking to you and trying to give you important information. information that can lead you to a greater sense of wholeness. The problem is that in our society that inner dia;logue is dismissed with one phrase. ” Its’ your imagination” Einstein said that imagination was more important than anything. he was a scientist.

Science is proving that our subconscious mind is the co-creator of our reality. If the results you’re getting in your life are less than what you want, becoming aware of your unconscious imagery is essential. Instead of being run by your images, your images should be serving you.

No matter where you are in your life you can have and be more. With Interactive Guided Imagery we can help you unravel issues that you feel are beyond your reach. We can help you discover who you really believe you are. With Imagery and the other methods I use we can help you connect to the parts of you that has your answers and help you to create and embody the image of who you want to be.

Science now has evidence that the imagination responds to our images as if they are real. The body reacts to the image as if it were a real experince. In essence imagery is a way of creating synthetic experinces.IGI can be used to access and strengthen your untapped resources, talents and gifts. It can be used to try on new behaviors that can impact your success and make getting to your goals easier what ever those goals are. 

Dr. Andrew Weil endorses Interactive Guided Imagery: “My experience with Interactive Guided Imagery convinces me that no disease process is beyond its reach. I find Interactive Guided Imagery so useful, that I require training in it for fellows in the Integrative Medicine Program I created at the University of Arizona Medical Center.” Because Interactive Guided Imagery is such a powerful transformational tool, practitioners require rigorous training and certification. 

IGI is often confused with creative visualization and conventional guided imagery. Although Interactive Guided Imagery accomplishes all that they do, what IGI can do for you leaves the other imagery techniques far behind. With creative visualization, the goal of your guide is to have you create images of what you want in your life. Typically you leave the session enthusiastic and ready to change your life, but as the days go by you notice yourself slipping back into unwanted behaviors. What you’re getting is the result of inner conflict and your results show you which part is winning. At this point your creative visualization has hit a wall. To imagine what you want to create is wonderful, but it’s not enough. IGI offers you a way to “speak” with the conflicting parts of you, and enlist ALL the parts of you to support and assist you in achieving your goal. Generally, the use of conventional guided imagery is limited to stress reduction or symptom management. There is value in learning how to de-stress, but if the core issue is not resolved, you will find your shoulders up by your ears again! Symptom management can bring relief, but at times your symptoms are trying to communicate something important to you about what you need to change to have a more comfortable existence. Interactive Guided Imagery offers you a way to “hear” what your physical symptoms are trying to tell you.

With conventional guided imagery your guide’s role is to give you images and specific instructions about what to do with them. The fact that the images are given to you rather than come from you, make the images impersonal, and therefore limits the method’s empowering potential. It’s the personal nature of your images that give your images their power.

With Interactive Guided Imagery the goal is to elicit the images that are important to you, and guide you into interacting with them. By “dialoging” with your images, you get to the truth about the issues that run you – not information that is just below your consciousness, but to the information that lies deep within you, so that you can bring that knowledge up to the surface and make choices — because that is where freedom comes from: choice.

Our society acknowledges that illness and “dis-ease” can have mental and emotional causes, but at times they are a result of a spiritual disconnect with oneself. The feelings that come from a lack of spiritual connection within oneself can produce all the symptoms of depression that are now common in our society such as lack of enthusiasm for the future, a nagging feeling that something is missing in your life, or a lack of inspiration and a sadness below the surface. 

Interactive Guided Imagery gives you a direct route to your inner wisdom, which will strengthen your intuition, lead you to a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose and give you a greater sense of peace. You have the most powerful tool for joy, success and optimal health inside you: your imagination.